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U.S. Army dog tags are a part of the military uniform that appeals to civilians all over the world. Like combat boots and camouflage, the elements of a soldier's uniform symbolize strength, courage and patriotism. It's no wonder U.S. Army dog tags have become so incredibly popular for people of every age and demographic.

The Army Uniform – A History of Honor

The Army uniform, although evolved in appearance, can trace its roots back to 1779. Several uniforms may comprise a soldier's closet, including two types of service uniform, one green and the other blue, and the combat uniform. Each should be worn in a manner that denotes a soldier's rank. It's clear to see that Army uniforms are serious ensembles. With carefully considered colors and styles, a soldier's attire is intended to foster utility, quality, service and honor. U.S. Army dog tags have equally important purposes.

Arrival of Army Dog Tags

U.S. Army dog tags were not always a part of the uniform. There was a time when soldiers had no proper identification. As a result, many killed in battle were unidentified and buried in unmarked tombs. The fear of this occurrence forced surviving soldiers to forge their own identification. Some pinned notes to their knapsacks, others etched their names into their belts or purchased engraved badges by mail order. In 1906, Army tags became an official part of the uniform, their stamped surfaces containing the names, regiments and ranks of respective soldiers.

The earliest dog tags were crafted of aluminum. They are made in sets – each tag bearing identical information. The idea behind the dual tags system is that one set should be left with a deceased soldier, the other taken by his troop when battle conditions prevent immediate recovery of the casualty.

Post-service, some soldiers keep their dog tags as memorabilia. Others pass them along as keepsakes, to become cherished family treasures.

Unofficial Dog Tags

It didn't take long for Army dog tags to become fashion accessories, with their shimmer like fine jewelry, and their depth and history like that of family heirlooms. Anyone with an eye for trendy jewelry was quick to embrace them. Athletes, musicians, teens, and more wear today's tags. In the corporate world, dog tags are a chic marketing tool. When stamped with a logo or message, U.S. Army dog tags make branding a breeze.

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In the spirit of a true soldier, let us all be brave and bold with our U.S. Army dog tags!