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Custom Military Dog Tags

Custom military dog tags are accessories suitable for the strong, patriotic person. And while they're tough enough for the military, many people wear them for other purposes. Here are some of the reasons custom tags are trending.

Summer camp

In the sweeping forest, a throng of rowdy kids gather with their logoed T-shirts, knapsacks, and contagious enthusiasm. They're ready to sing songs, swat at bugs, build fires, hike, and swim. And those are just a few of the great activities in store for young campers.

But for many of those kids, summer camp is their first experience away from home. It might be scary, for parents and kids alike. Custom dog tags are a tool to help put some fears to rest. The tags serve as sturdy identification, and can contain emergency contact information or details that might be important for counselors or volunteers to know.

Summer camp is just one place parents can confidently send their kids. With custom tags, sleepovers, vacations with relatives, and school field trips are no longer a huge concern.


In the fashion world, accessories can make or break an outfit. Statement-making accessories can turn a bland getup into a chic ensemble. Too much bling only worked for Mr. T and a handful of rap stars. If you want an effortless look that's neither over the top nor insubstantial, you need the right accessories. That's where dog tags come in. They're the perfect embellishment to any outfit. Pair them with jeans and a T-shirt, a cable knit sweater and skirt, or even a business suit. Engraved tags that bear your special image, message or logo are always appropriate!

Medical Alert

Custom dog tags can save a person's life in the event of an emergency. For people with certain medical conditions, it might be critical to convey some information in the event of an allergy attack, seizure, or other crisis. Having a durable tag with the wearer's history, prescribed medicines, and other significant information could speed treatment and help caregivers take action.

Sentimental ValueMilitary dog tags often serve as memorabilia. Engraved with a soldier's name, rank, dates of service and other details, dog tags can be passed on to proud family members who want to honor those who served.Some people choose to engrave anniversary dates, birthdays, and other commemorative information on their tags. Couples or best friends can wear matching tags to remind them of the special bond they share.

PromotionsRaising awareness for a cause or promoting a brand through custom products is a popular yet subtle marketing method. Marketers know that in our ad-saturated society, it's easy for a message to get lost in the mass of communications consumers absorb every day.

Sports teams, bands, small and large businesses alike can engrave their company image, name or logo on custom tags and support their business in style. Dog tags also make great giveaways. They're polished, and professional in appearance – a must-have for any style conscious consumer!