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Custom Dog Tags

Custom dog tags, despite the name, are generally for the human population. They began as identification for military personnel, and quickly entered civilian circles as modern, durable jewelry that symbolized strength and honor. They're viewed the same way today, although many people are most impressed with their customization. Band members, marketers, and anyone who enjoys personalized pieces can put their slogan or statement on the chic neckwear.

We at Dog Tags Inc. are pleased to cater to humans. Our custom dog tags make great jewelry and promotional products for people, but we're not opposed to pampering pooches. And just to assure you that we do indeed love the canine crowd, we've compiled a list of ways to spoil your dog. Here's a little something for all the dogs and dog lovers out there…

How to Spoil Your Dog

Indulge his taste buds. Do not insult him by placing his meal in a bowl on the floor. Give him a spot at the table – he prefers the head and he may need a cushion, depending on the breed. He's patient enough to endure the dinner-time chatter, too. Just remember he fancies his Evian on the rocks.

Protect him from the elements. So you thought those sparkly dog sweaters were a bit ostentatious. You chuckled at the poodle at the dog park, sporting a pink-striped hoodie. Then the temperatures dropped and you noticed your own dog shivering. So you broke down and bought him a fur-lined fleece jacket, a cable knit sweater, some polka dot and paw printed shirts, and a zippered vest. Now he has his own drawer in your dresser and that poodle thinks he's pampered.

But all is well because he's no longer shivering and he looks darn stylish, too. The next time you spot an overpriced but adorable dog ensemble, buy it. And stave off guilt by reminding yourself that you are merely protecting him from the elements – as any good pet parent would.

Make him a social media star. Most of us spend a great deal of time visiting various social media sites. We chat with friends, see who's dating whom, and find out who's shaking their head (SMH) and who's laughing out loud (LOL). We tell ourselves that catching up on current events is a critical part of connecting with the world. But all the while we wonder if we'd be infinitely wiser and less cynical if we could keep our noses out of these often superficial circles.

But let's not get carried away. Instead, we should flood the forums with snapshots of our pampered pooches. Go ahead, make your dog a social media star. Is he drooling in his sleep? Post it. Is he begging for a biscuit? Post it. Make your virtual friends happy, add relevance to the news feed, and make your pooch a celebrity, simultaneously.

Forget about pet beds. Those plush pet beds are nice, and offer manifold styles and materials for discerning dogs. Some are plaid or tufted, some are shaped like couches or bones, and still others have canopies or heating capabilities. Fancy, but not good enough. Why bother shelling out hard-earned money on these inadequate pieces?

No matter how elaborate the dog bed, your dog ultimately prefers a prime spot on the sofa, the comforts of your cozy chair, and the warmth of your own bed quilt. He may curl up in that pet bed occasionally, but you can be sure when you head out of the house he is taking a seat on your sofa – nose nestled in your needlework pillows. Do him a favor and skip the pet bed purchase altogether. Give him a spot on your bed and get used to sleeping on a strip of your mattress while he stretches out sufficiently. Better yet, you might want to invest in a larger bed.

As you do your best to spoil your dog, don't forget to treat yourself to some awesome custom dog tags from Dog Tags Inc. Every good pet parent deserves a set!