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Like chain belts and copper hammered bracelets, custom dog tags are an industrial-style jewelry and modern accessory. Unlike similar fashion finds, dog tags have a rich history that only adds to their strength and character. And what sets them further apart is their customizable quality, which gives these tags versatility that just plain doesn't exist in other jewelry.

Custom Dog Tags— the Tale Behind the Tags

Custom dog tags are a part of the standard military uniform, born from the need for soldiers to have a sturdy form of identification. Before these durable tags came along, soldiers pinned notes bearing vital information to their bags and coats. For obvious reasons, this tactic was insufficient.

Custom Dog Tags—the Gems of the Jewelry World

Custom dog tags, while not typically embellished with gems – although we have seen some studded tags on rappers and rock stars – are the gems of the jewelry world. That's because they are completely customizable, which gives them a rare quality and makes them appealing to people everywhere-- whether you are a business owner looking for the perfect promotional product, or an everyday Joe or Jane just looking for a hot piece of jewelry to personalize. For some, custom dog tags have the very important task of conveying relevant medical information in emergency medical situations. What other jewelry can do all this while staying so strong and chic?

Ordering Custom Dog Tags

Dog Tags Inc. makes it easy to order custom dog tags. Through our no-obligation free quote form you can submit your information and receive a custom digital art proof and quote form in a flash. We'll even offer free unlimited revisions, so you can be sure you'll get the custom dog tags you'll be proud to wear.

Order now, because when it comes to custom dog tags, Dog Tags Inc. is man's best friend!