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Low-Minimum Dog Tag Sets

Sometimes one small accessory is all that's needed to make a grand statement. Low-minimum dog tag sets are ideal in such cases. They also make great gifts, promotional items and more. Bands, clubs, and small groups of all sorts can order custom tags to denote membership and showoff their style.

The Less-Is-More Philosophy

An old proverb says, "Don't use a lot when a little will do." That applies to dog tags, and so much more! Because some things are just better in small doses. Here are some examples.Entertainment

Entertainment is best in small doses. Even good entertainment. Now you might not initially agree with this statement, but consider this. Your busy lifestyle is not conducive to much T.V. viewing. One rare evening when the work is done and the remote is yours for the surfing, you plop down on the sofa and start skimming the channels. You get excited when you see that a show you've been wanting to watch will be airing in a few minutes. Then, you see that a really wonderful movie is also starting.

Oh, and that hilarious stand-up comedian is performing live on another channel. Now you're confused. You continue to peruse the on-screen guide. The names of more good shows roll past – a rolodex of options. But rather than being excited, you are now extremely disappointed. You see that you can really only watch one show. That means, you'll miss out on a dozen others.

So when it comes to entertainment, less is more. That's also true when you consider marathon sitcoms. A few sitcoms starring that phenomenal actor is good. But by the 30th episode, the theme song is earsplitting and you realize your once favorite actor isn't so hot. He's not that fabulous on screen. He has that stupid-half smile that used to be cute but has become downright awful. You want to reach through the television and stretch that smile across his face – make it even. Hostile? Yes, but you realize then, you just really need a break from the guy. Marathon television is proof that more is most definitely too much.


The man of few words is considered wise. People imagine he is the deep-thinking type. They wonder what wise secrets he is pondering within his intellectual fortress. An old proverb says even a fool is thought wise when his mouth is shut. Then there's the guy or gal who loves to yak. He or she is king or queen of untimely comments, unsolicited advice, and inappropriate laughter.

That is not a pleasant person to be around. In fact, that person exhausts everyone he or she meets. When it comes to speech, less is more. Some people would do best to live by another philosophy – actions speak louder than words.


A savvy dresser will tell you that accessories can make an outfit. A swanky tie adds sophistication to a man's suit. An interesting belt transforms an ordinary dress. A little bit of bling makes a big difference. That's why low minimum dog tag sets are such an asset!

But as in all of the above scenarios, too much can be terrible. You've seen the guy or gal who seems to be wearing his or her entire jewelry box. You might have even asked, "Are you open for business," believing this guy or gal was a walking accessories kiosk.

We could surely add to this list. These are just a few examples of the problems that can arise with overabundance. Dog Tags Inc. respects your need for low minimum dog tag sets. We certainly don't want to give you more than you need!