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Next Day Dog Tags

Next day dog tags are the tags that save the day for many people -- forgetful gift-givers, busy marketers, and eager buyers to name a few. Tags engraved with cool logos, personal statements or meaningful text make accessories that scream thoughtful and well-planned. It's good to know that when you find yourself in a time crunch, you don't have to settle for convenience products over quality custom dog tags.

The Forgetful Gift-Giver

Some people have an uncanny ability to remember details and dates. They're the type that might actually do well in a bad situation. They'd have no problem in a police interrogation room, should they be suspected of some crime. Picture the detailed guy in the hot seat with beads of sweat glistening on his brow. Some gruff detective sits across the table in the dank room. Suddenly he asks, with a cigar balancing on his bottom lip, "Where were you on the night of the 23rd?" Surprisingly, the suspect in question rattles off the details of the evening. He tells the detective what he wore, what he ate, and what time he went to bed that evening.

And then there's the other type -- the guy who can't remember what he ate for lunch let alone what he consumed on a different day. Maybe he's a nice guy, but he just can't seem to recall birthdays, anniversaries or any other significant dates. And despite his best efforts to remind himself (he uses all the contemporary tools available) he ultimately fails. Next day dog tags might save his relationships by allowing him to buy great gifts, even last minute. Click here for more on same day laser engraving and shipping.

The Busy Marketer

The busy marketer is juggling a ton of projects. She's got a full plate but she's doing a phenomenal job of boosting brand awareness, monitoring the competition, and managing the budget. She's currently organizing a fundraiser. Because she's so busy, she's enlisted an assistant -- a college student who cannot be separated from her cell phone. Her hands seems glued to the QWERTY keypad. In her haste to share pics and useless tidbits with her social media circle, the young girl forgot to order the promotional products for the event.

Luckily, the girl is a skilled Web surfer. In no time, she finds the Dog Tags Inc. site and discovers next day dog tags – the perfect promotional products that fit the budget! Now, the busy marketer can proceed with other tasks on her to-do list. She won't miss a beat and that college girl can keep her job and continue conversing with her virtual friends.

The Eager Buyer

The eager buy is that guy or gal who loves to shop. Perusing the Dog Tags Inc. site, he was instantly captivated by the cool jewelry at competitive prices. "I've got to have this," the buyer declares. And in moments, he is making his selection – or trying to. There's a problem: too many awesome options. It's a good thing the price is right. Now he can buy several tags in varying finishes. It's a great day for the eager buyer! Soon, he'll have his tags in hand and he'll show up in style to that party on Saturday. All of the above people can benefit from next day dog tags. They're the personalized trinkets that turn tough situations around fast!