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If soldiers had swag, military dog tags would be it. They're the bold jewelry that is tough and trendy. Formerly worn by military personnel alone, dog tags have become popular in a number of circles – civilian, corporate – and yes, even canine!

Military Dog Tags – Not Just for the Armed ForcesYou don't have to be among the enlisted to don camouflage clothing or combat boots. Just ask anyone who's into grunge, goth, or punk fashion. Military dog tags have become equally fashionable. They started out as a standard part of the military uniform.

Engraved with vital information, such as the name and division of a soldier, military dog tags helped reduce the number of unidentified soldiers who had been severely wounded or killed in battle. Before the introduction of military dog tags, soldiers were without durable identification that could withstand the elements and remain intact during battle. As a result, millions were buried in unmarked graves – robbing them of the proper, and personal burial they deserved.

Military Dog Tags – Taking Advertising to the TagsAdvertising is a tough industry -- with so many businesses clamoring to be heard in our ad-steeped society. We have billboards, television and radio commercials, internet ads, flyers and more. Depending on your neighborhood, you might also find an occasional salesperson on your doorstep.

Savvy marketers know that getting noticed requires creativity more than anything. Chic military dog tags have done the trick for many businesses. With tons of customizing options, organizations are finding dog tags are the perfect tool for bringing awareness to a cause, sharing a logo or promoting a brand. What's more, military dog tags are much more cost effective than other forms of advertising, particularly television. A prime-time spot on broadcast television is just shy of $110, 000 for around 30 seconds of airtime. That kind of cash buys a LOT of military dog tags!

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