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She left the house in a hurry, with the intent to run a small errand. Not needing her cell phone, she left it beside her purse on the entry table for safekeeping. Some three hours later, she woke up to the hurried sounds of hospital staff, the weight of stiff linens upon her, the smell of institution enveloping the room.

Later, she explained that the hospital told her she had a seizure. Someone had seen her in the street. She didn't have her wallet, but her medical ID tag told them she was epileptic. They called an ambulance and the medical staff was able to quickly treat the woman and locate her family.

The above story is not unusual. According to the National Health Statistics Reports, approximately 222 people per minute visited an emergency department for care in 2007. Had those people foreseen their illnesses, they likely would have taken the easiest route to care and made an appointment with their physician. Simply put, medical emergencies are inconvenient, unplanned and unfortunate -- all the more reason to prepare, whenever possible.

Medical ID Tags – Conveying your Critical Information Medical ID tags convey critical information in crisis situations. No one wants to be found in the street. But in case of a catastrophe, it helps to know that the tags will help medical personnel in your time of need. Individuals with a health condition can have their relevant medical information printed on the tags, along with their emergency contact information. This simple step can save you from misdiagnosis, assist healthcare staff with your care, and caution them about allergies or other individual precautions. Medical ID Tags – There's One for Everyone!

You don't have to suffer a chronic medical condition to wear a medical ID tag, however. The tags are a good idea for anyone who wants the assurance that their loved ones will be alerted promptly in an emergency.

In the past, medical ID tags were strictly utilitarian. Their appearance was what you'd expect of a medical device – stark and unappealing. Dog Tags Inc., however makes medical ID tags that are as stylish as they are functional. Options include laser engraving, embossing or full-color jewelry, for a chic or classic look.

Order yours now, because emergency preparedness can bring more than peace of mind – it can bring great jewelry! References: Source