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Because we're the top dogs in the tag business, we don't mind American Idol judge Randy Jackson posing the question, "Are you in it to win it, dog?" Since we produce the best dogtags available, we declare we are!

Dogtags, For Strength and StyleAs a part of the military uniform, dogtags symbolize strength by representing the brave soldiers who serve our country. Perhaps this is how these shiny metallic tags found their way into civilian circles and around the necks of fashion-forward Americans. After all, who doesn't want a strong piece of jewelry? Isn't jewelry supposed to be symbolic of our values? Your clothing signifies your style, but most people consider jewelry more intimate and meaningful. It is true of your uncle's antique timepiece, your great grandmother's wedding ring, and your grandfather's time-worn dogtags. Dogtags are often passed from one generation to another as family heirlooms. They're pieces of history, a connection to that special soldier whose courage honored us.

Dogtags — The Perfect Canvas for your Personal CreationWith the option to emboss, engrave or have a personal photo etched onto your dogtags, Dog Tags Inc. offers you the chance to create your very own family heirloom. Commemorate an occasion, mark an anniversary, or make a promise etched in metal. Dogtags are the ideal canvas for your distinct design or logo.

Ordering is Easy!Dog Tags Inc. makes ordering easy. Just fill out our quote form and we'll send you a free digital art proof and price quote. Check out our dogtags gallery for ideas. Or call a friendly customer service representative for assistance. We're here for you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 866.361.9461.

Dog Tags Inc. is indeed, "in it to win it, dog!" And we'll continue to win customer approval by providing top-notch dogtags at competitive prices!