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ID tags got their start as practical metal accessories, used by military personnel for the purpose of identifying soldiers in battle. Today's tags are more versatile. Leaving the military circles to consort with the civilian crowds, ID tags have become popular jewelry that is dual functioning and widely appealing.

ID Tags – Double-Duty Jewelry ID tags bear your personal information and boast your style simultaneously. They are ID tags, also known as dog tags. Old-style dog tags, while functional, left much to be desired in terms of style. The plain metal pieces were strictly utilitarian. And while tags bearing medical information have always been a great idea, many people avoided them because they were easy to recognize as medical tags, and some thought they carried a stigma as such.

Modern tags have evolved to become cool, even elegant accessories. Celebrities, athletes, and musicians sport high-end tags custom crafted of precious metals and encrusted with diamonds or gemstones. With new, more fashionable faces, ID tags are a cinch to sport – for any reason!

ID tags – Identifying Businesses and EventsBusinesses have jumped on the ID tag train and are enjoying the ride. That's because these hot accessories have become excellent marketing tools. Bearing logos, event dates and other pertinent information, ID tags are a chic way to share your business information and elicit attention.

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