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Engraved dog tags bring a contemporary flair to neckwear. When you're looking for something meaningful yet modern, dog tags are the items you need! Here's why dog tags are no longer limited to the military.

Engraved Dog Tags – No Longer Limited to the Military

Engraved dog tags were designed for Military alone. They emerged at a time when soldiers didn't have proper identification. Many were afraid they'd be killed in battle and buried with the unknowns, as this was common in those times. Clever soldiers made their own identification. They'd carve their names, regiments, and ranks into their belts, or attach notes to their coats or knapsacks. These makeshift IDs didn't seem sufficient, however.

Smart vendors saw the need and began marketing engraved pins that bore the soldier's names and unit numbers. Merchants advertised their machine-stamped tags made of lead or brass in periodicals so that soldiers or their loved ones could place their orders by mail.

In 1862, a gentleman named John Kennedy wrote to the United States Army and offered to supply troops with custom-made ID discs. Kennedy received a rejection letter in response to his proposal. Both letters are now a part of The National Archives.

Later, the powers that be decided to make aluminum engraved dog tags an official part of the Army uniform. Soldiers were issued sets of tags. In the event of death or illness, one tag would remain on the body. The other would be given to the fallen soldier's squadron, and eventually to his family. The dual-tags system is still in place today, although dog tags are no longer limited to Military alone.

Today's Tags

Today's engraved dog tags are keepsakes, and stylish jewelry that anyone can wear. Some people see them as symbols of strength and patriotism, and find they are a great complement to military chic apparel. Others view them as traditional yet trendy accessories that are perfect for everyday wear and also pair well with more formal attire – depending on the tags, of course.

In a day when people value self-expression, engraved dog tags have become the tattoos of the accessory world. They bear your personal messages, boast your favorite images and logos, and are available in various styles, including photo etched, full color, embossed, laser engraved and more. Today's tag wearers are proud patriots, teens, marketers, band members and everyone in between.

Three Common Uses for Custom Engraved Dog Tags

Engraved dog tags are expressive accessories that make awesome…

Party Favors

A few simple elements make any celebration successful. Good food, music, and party favors make a bash memorable. Dog Tags Inc. makes custom tags that commemorate your occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, retirement party, baby shower, family reunion, or other gathering. Let guests go home with a keepsake they can wear with style!

Personalized Gifts

Everyone has a friend or relative whose cupboards are bursting with kitchen gadgets. Their closets are full and they're tired of the sweater, sock and tie gifts. Maybe they're not much for gadgets, and they think gift certificates are impersonal. You've scrolled through every gift option in your mind, and nothing seems right. Engraved dog tags are the answer! They're the perfect personalized gift that will please everyone – even the person who seems to have it all! Now your only dilemma is choosing an engraved message or image.

Promotional ProductsAdvertisers know the secret to showing customers and vendors appreciation while boosting the business brand simultaneously – promotional products. Engraved dog tags are ideal. They're preferred over pens and logoed Frisbees any day of the week!

Dog Tags Inc. makes engraved dog tags for every purpose. We take the fuss out of gift giving, marketing and more!