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Army Dog Tags

Army dog tags were once limited to the Armed Forces, where soldiers wore them for identification purposes. Soldiers still wear them for this reason today, but they're not the only ones. Today's tags are popular fashion accessories that people everywhere are wearing. You'll find Army dog tags on fundraising tables, around the necks of celebrities, athletes, and more. And while they resemble those tags that adorn the neighbor's dog, they aren't quite the same. These tags are strictly for the human population.

Why Army Dog Tags Are Not For The Canine Crowd…

Dogs have their own apparel .You see them wearing sequin tutus, fur-trimmed sweaters, leather jackets and more. In fact, many dogs have more clothing options than humans. That's why it's so crucial we keep something for ourselves, namely Army dog tags.

Some people say robots are taking over the world. We already have them answering and directing our calls via automated systems. They vacuum our floors – no, we're not referring to the Jetsons' robotic maid Rosie. Apple's Siri acts like a personal assistant, finding our data fast and with a sense of humor, too. And with the introduction of self-checkout stations at grocery stores, it seems robots are replacing cashiers as well.

Just to recap, it appears as though some dogs rule our homes and are successfully dominating the fashion industry. Robots are taking our jobs and replacing our human counterparts. So what's next?

The Canine-Robot Conspiracy

It won't be long before robots and canines become cohorts. It might be a subtle transition. One day your dog will be sporting your chain and you'll say, "Umm, Fluffy, how'd you get ahold of my custom Army dog tag? And aren't those my Ray Ban sunglasses, too?"

Fluffy will not reply, however. She will simply cock her head, widen her eyes, and give you a frustrated doggie-don't-speak-English- sort of sigh. You'll feel foolish then for assuming that your dog knew any better. You'll wonder how she slung that chain around her neck and slipped on your designer sunglasses.

Soon, you'll find your smartphone on Fluffy's tufted dog cushion – that's odd. Later, you'll find yourself famished. With more than a few tics on your to-do list, you'll be unenthusiastic about cooking a meal. That's when you'll turn to Siri. "Take me to the nearest restaurant," you'll say. A right turn on 21st Avenue and a short trip through unfamiliar streets will land you at your destination – a luxury pet food store and spa. In that moment, you will realize that Fluffy and Siri have joined forces – and you might be eating organic dog food for dinner!

The above scenario may never happen, although stranger things have already occurred. Consider the following: • Paris Hilton admittedly spoils her four-legged friends. Their doghouse is a petite replica of her own extravagant digs. The decked out dog pad is completely air conditioned, and boasts a spiral staircase, miniature furniture, a chandelier, and a balcony.

  • Leona Helmsley bequeathed to her beloved 9-year old Maltese an astounding $12 million after her death in 2007.
  • According to Women's Day, the iconic talk show host, actress, and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey set up a $30 million trust for her pet.
  • Animal activist Betty White is ensuring her pooches never run out of green. The New York Daily News said White's dogs will inherit her $5 million estate when she passes.

Dog Tags Inc. is fond of pets. We'd simply like to remind you to keep your Army dog tags to yourself. You deserve durable custom jewelry. So wear your tags proudly – and watch out for canine-robot conspiracies!