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Dog tags and dog tag silencers are popular accessories that have an interesting past. As a part of the standard military uniform, dog tags got their start around 1906. They served as identification tags for soldiers. It didn't take long for them to appear in civilian circles all over the world. You'll find them on athletes, musicians, gamers and fundraising tables.

Dog Tag Silencers – Muzzling the NoiseDog tag silencers are not just stylish embellishments. They're colorful silicone add-ons that keep your dog tags quiet. Because the tags are worn in pairs, the metal pieces tend to jiggle as you wear them, making a clinking noise. Dog tag silencers solve that problem and offer the chance for wearers to add even more personality to their tags. By choosing from an array of colors, you can give your dog tags a bold face or a sleek silhouette. Change them daily to match your outfit. Now that's versatile!

Dog Tags Silencers – For Promotional Power!Dog tag silencers are a smart promotional product. Custom dog tags have long been a savvy giveaway item. The sleek metal tags leave room for logos, mission statements or company contact information. Giving these away is a cinch because they're so well-liked. And when you toss in the multicolored dog tag silencers, you give your recipients the option to personalize their prizes.

Buy from the Big Dogs – We Don't Bite!Dog Tags Inc. makes it easy to customize your dog tags. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we'll send you a custom digital art proof and price quote. And when you're ready to order, we'll ship your merchandise free to any United States address.

When it comes to buying dog tags and dog tag silencers, you can't go wrong with the big dogs in the business – Dog Tags Inc.! We'll take your order, make your dog tags and dog tag silencers exactly the way you want them, and get them to you before the little dogs even get off the porch!