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Dog Tags Shipped Same Day

Dog tags shipped same day help alleviate stress for the buyer who needs his or her tags in a hurry. Quick delivery of the coolest custom dog tags is good for everyone, but it's especially important for marketers who find themselves in a bind. There's no need to fret when your well-orchestrated plans fail. If you need promotional products that make a statement, Dog Tags Inc. has you covered.

When Murphy's Law is at Work

If you're not familiar with Murphy's Law, then you have either been insanely lucky all your life, or you've just not heard the term for that unfortunate state you sometimes find yourself in. Murphy's Law says whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. That phrase emerged at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949. An engineer and captain named Edward A Murphy was hard at work on Project MX981 when he found a transducer with faulty wiring. Cursing the technician responsible, Murphy declared, "If there's a way to do it wrong, he'll find it." Immediately, the project manager who kept lists of formulas added Murphy's Law to his list.

Not long after this event, Air Force doctor John Paul Stapp was speaking at a press conference about the division's long-standing safety record. Sapp said the good record could be attributed to the division's belief in Murphy's Law, and their actions to circumvent it.

Soon, people were quoting the term. Journalists referred to it in newspapers and magazines, and it became a common phrase.

Many people have come to understand how Murphy's Law works. You've carried your umbrella all week and on the day your forget it, it pours buckets. You arrive early for work every day. You're typing, filing and problem-solving before your coworkers even cross the office threshold. But one day a barrage of unfortunate incidents occurs, making you late for work. That's the day the company's owner and the corporate higher-ups pay you a visit. You've just met Murphy's Law.

Acknowledging Murphy's Law helps engineers imagine every possible outcome, and perform rigorous tests to avoid project failures and other disastrous outcomes. Marketers can take the same approach by having a Plan B in place when organizing events and functions. They can come up with strategies to avoid catastrophe, and consider their options in the event that things do go wrong.

Plan B

Dog tags shipped same day are a Plan B for many marketers. They're the safety net when Plan A flops. They're your salvation when your assistant bails out of the project, leaving you to organize an event alone. They rescue you when things go wrong.

Why Dog Tags Work

Dog tags are stylish accessories that appeal to people of every age. With origins in the military, the tags come from a place of strength and patriotism. They still carry that meaning for many people today. But with the option to customize dog tags, they can easily become company branding tools, personal statement pieces, and even meaningful gifts that bear anniversary dates, birthdates, or any text or image.

When it comes to Murphy's Law, dog tags shipped same day is your best defense!