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A Unique Father's Day Gift: Dog Tags for Men

It's time to consider a truly unique gift for Father's Day – customized dog tags for men. There are many options for what the dog tags could be, with popular options such as:

  • His favorite sports teams. Is he a "man of all sports? Go for four – his favorite football, hockey, basketball and baseball teams.
  • His alma maters. The first thought would be to get one of his college, but consider his high school too. Don't forget the graduation years.
  • His fraternity. Let him show his Greek pride with his fraternity name, chapter name and recruitment class.
  • His service time. The idea of dog tags comes from serving in the military. Give him a tag with his branch of the service and one with his years of service. It's worth remembering though, that not everyone wants to wear a reminder of their service. Know your recipient.

Another approach is to do a twist on a traditional Mom or Grandma gift.

Mothers' rings and grandmothers' bracelets are quite popular. A mother's ring is traditionally a ring with the birthstones of her children. It's a point of pride and a gift unique to her.

Similarly, an old school grandmother's bracelet is a charm bracelet with the shape of heads featuring the names of her grandchildren. It can be added to as she gets more grandchildren, and becomes a keepsake item.

Dad or Grandpa certainly isn't going to want a ring or a charm bracelet. But he will wear dog tags – especially those with the names of his children or grandchildren featured on the tags.  And like a mother's ring or a grandmother's bracelet, dog tags for Dad or Grandpa are unique to them, and something they can show off to their friends.

Looking for a different, standout gift for Father's Day? Go with special dog tags for men. Dad or Grandpa will keep them forever, and always remember the thought behind them.