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Like those timeless thread friendship bracelets, dog tags are an unexpected class of jewelry. Rubber silencers are the gems on these metal masterpieces, used to protect their exterior and keep them from ceaseless clanking. With their rich and rugged past, it's no wonder dog tags and rubber silencers have become immensely popular.

Dog Tags and Rubber Silencers – Universally Appealing AccessoriesDog tags got their start in the military. Before manufacturers produced embossed tags, soldiers pinned notes to their jackets, which bore personal identification and medical information. Obviously, this method was not the most efficient. Resourceful soldiers began crafting their own I.D. badges from wood or other materials. Without proper identification, many feared injury or illness would leave them buried among the unknowns, a very real occurrence before the advent of DNA testing in the 1980s.

It wasn't until around 1906 that the United States Army released the first authorized identification tags. While the tags were a welcome part of the uniform, the metallic clinking was not. Rubber silencers came on the scene around the time of Vietnam War. These small add-ons did the important job of quieting the noise to prevent soldiers from announcing their presence to enemies.

Dog Tags and Silencers – A Dynamic Marketing DuoDog tags and silencers are a dynamic duo in the marketing world. That's because they're a hot product that is easily customized to bear a logo, photo, mission statement or company contact information. Dog Tags Inc. offers numerous styles of dog tags, including photo etched, embossed, laser engraved or full color. Pair your chosen tags with bold colored rubber silencers and you have the ideal promotional product, party favor or fundraising item. And when you order from Dog tags Inc., you get top-notch products at competitive prices.

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