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EMBOSSING: Embossing, the marking process we use on our military dog tags, is the same process used by the U.S. Armed Forces. The effect of embossing is raised text from the surface, and is therefore done on one side only. An embossing machine consists of a drum of male-female letters, numbers and special characters. An image is formed in the metal when the male-female dies come together. This process is also referred to as metal stamping. Embossing is the most durable of all marking methods, since the letters are formed out of the metal. It also is the most limited in that only text, numbers and some special characters can be used.

LASER ENGRAVING: Laser engraving is the method of choice for reproducing original designs and logos. This is the marking method used for our anodized aluminum engraved dog tags. Anodization is a metal surface coating process usually done in a particular color. The laser produces its mark by vaporizing this colored coating by means of a focused beam of high intensity light. The appearance of a high quality laser engraved mark is "frosty" white. A lesser quality mark will take on hints of the anodized colored coating (for example, a mark on a red tag will appear pink). Laser engraving is permanent and won't rub off. Since the laser affects only the surface of the dog tag, it can be done on both sides.

FULL COLOR PROCESS PRINTING: This is the method used on our metal and plastic full color custom dog tags and flashlights. Four color process printing is a system for separating an image into four color components. The process yields four separate images. Four colored inks -- Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow, and Black -- reproduce the original image. Known as CMYK printing, these four colors, with varying values, can be combined to produce millions of colors. This method of printing. when applied to our dog tags and flashlights, produces excellent high resolution images that are scratch and weather resistant. If you have questions regarding the dog tag marking methods described above, please call us: 866.361.9461.