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Custom military dog tags are not new, although they're as popular as some modern fads. They've remained fresh and intriguing all these years for one reason – some things never go out of style.

Dog tags have stayed in fashion because they started with a purpose. As the official identification tags for military personnel, they symbolized patriotism and ensured soldiers would not be marked among the unknowns in the event of their untimely death. Civilians took note and began wearing dog tags to show support for the armed forces, or in remembrance of a lost loved one.

Today's dog tag wearers are many, and the reasons they wear them vary. Some enjoy the durability. They wear them on the basketball court, or while playing any sport. The jewelry is as strong as it is stylish. Other people appreciate the chance to customize their tags, and sport any theme, logo, or text they choose. From band members to business owners, everyone loves a cool custom dog tag!

Some Things Never Go Out Of Style!

And since we're on the subject of things that never go out of style, let's discuss other items that we believe will surely remain popular indefinitely.


Pocket watches were among the first fashionable time pieces, dating back as far as the 16th century. These small clocks could be fastened to a person's clothing or carried on a chain. Most were ornate and engraved with the initials of the owner or some significant words – perhaps some sentiment offered by the person who purchased the piece. It wasn't until after World War I that wristwatches entered the accessories circuit, and became the pervasive way to tell time. Military personnel wore special own versions during the war. These were known as trench watches, which were designed to incorporate features of the pocket watch and of the standard wristwatch. When compared to ordinary wristwatches, they were more durable and practical for use in combat.

Many people still wear wristwatches today, despite the countless gadgets we carry that can easily tell us the time and so much more.


Denim originated in France, and was originally called Serge de Nîmes, which was later shortened to denim. The sturdy fabric has been used since the late 18th century. Over the years, we've worn denim trousers, overalls, jackets, bell bottoms, skinny jeans and more. We've worn acid washed, brightly colored jeans, ripped jeans and so many different varieties. If you thought that jeans would go out of style -- think again. It's likely we'll see more variations of denim in the future. Who knows, we might even see denim-wearing robots!


Long before modern chains, mood rings, and funky charm bracelets, there were organic adornments. Jewelry was made from shells, flowers, vines and other natural materials. It seems people have always seen the value in dressing the body with decorative objects. Archeological finds confirm this. The first signs of jewelry come from Africa, and date back thousands of years.

Custom military dog tags are surely on the list of items things that never go out of style. Wear them with denim, pair them with other jewelry, and relish the thought that you'll be chic for years to come!