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Trending Custom Dog Tags

Whether for military identification, promotional give a ways or commemorating a special event you can't go wrong with these tags.

Custom Military Dog Tags

Very fashionable and useful form of jewelry that is used for identification purposes.

Engraved Dog Tags

Make a fashion statement with some contemporary flair! These aren't just for military servicemen and women...they are available to everyone.

No Minimum Dog Tags

Here you can order laser engraved dog tags in as few as a single set with same day shipping!

Dog Tags Shipped Same Day

When you absolutely positively need to have them next day!

Next Day Dog Tags

For the last minute customer who needs them next day this article is for you!

Cinematic War Stories and Military Dog Tags

Many individuals find inspiration in past historical war stories for their custom military dog tags.

Durable Custom Jewlery

Our custom dog tags are not only stylish and fashionable but also durable and long lasting.

Spoiled by Custom Dog Tags

Ways to spoil your civilian, military hero or furry best friend with custom dog tags and accessories.

US Army Dog Tags

An essential part of any US military uniform.

Military Dog Tags A Soldiers Swag

Military dog tags are no longer just pieces of identification for military personnel...they are a soldiers swag and fashino statement for ordinary civilians.

ID Tags are Practical Accessories

These tags are great for sharing medical or other important information should you be in an accident or unable to speak.

Army Dog tags are stylish and chic

Army dog tags emerged after countless soldiers were buried among the unknowns during the Civil War.

Medical ID Tags convey important information

If you have any serious medical condition or are allergic to any medication you should seriously consider medical id tags to inform emergency personnel.

Dog Tag Silencers are Popular Accessories

Dogtag silencers are silicone rubber bands that keep the tags from making noise when hitting against each other.

Ordering Custom Dogtags

Custom dogtags are an industrial-style jewelry and modern accessory.

Dogtags...In It To Win It!

The best dogtags available produced in house with our laser engraving machines.

Dog tag Silencers

Rubber Silencers keep metal dogtags from hitting each other and making noise.

Dog Tags for Men

Custom dog tags for men can make a great unique gift for Fathers Day or any special occasion.

Medical Alert Dog Tags Identifying Food Allergies

Using dog tags to list your medications and or allergies can be life saving when medical attention is needed in an emergency situation.

Custom Military Dog Tags: More Popular Than Ever

Military style dog tags have become increasingly popular as a fashion statement.

Dog Tags: The Next Great Promotional Product

Today dog tags with names, logos and messages have moved into the civilian population in a big way.

Custom Engraved Dog Tags: Laser Engraving Explained

Two types of custom dog tags are being used by many types of businesses and individuals for promotional purposes: authentic military dog tags and military "style" dog tags.

Dog Tag Machines: For Fun and Profit

Unlike finding dog tags and dog tag supplies online, dog tag machines can be a little more difficult.